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Steriscreen - Anodize process with alkaline resistance and adhesion promoting properties.

Proprietary anodize coating that meets MIL-A-8625 Type II but has additional alkaline resistance and exceptional adhesion of organic materials. It is common for anodized components that are painted or printed to experience delamination of the organic coating due to poor adhesion between the topcoat and anodize layer. Often the painter/printer is blamed for the defect but in reality, it is faulty anodizing. Hillock’s Steriscreen process utilizes a special pulsed voltage sequence to increase the porosity which in turn increases the number of bonding points for the secondary organic layer. Steriscreen is validated and successfully used on thousands of medical cases with epoxy printed graphics with no reported delamination.

Performance Characteristic Performance Anodic Coating
MIL SPEC Commercial
Alkaline Corrosion Resistance
Sterrad Corrosion Resistance*
Autoclave Corrosion Resistance*
Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance
Environmental Corrosion Resistance
Light Fastness
Organic Coating / Adhesive Bonding

*Dyed coatings

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