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Stericlave - Anodize process with maximum corrosion resistance, light fastness, chemical resistance, Sterrad resistance, and autoclave resistance properties.

The most robust and corrosion resistant coating available to the Medical Industry and offered by Hillock Anodizing, Stericlave® coating offers a smut/water-stain free surface after autoclave in addition to maximum corrosion resistance to high pH washes. The coating has proven its ability in the field to withstand 100+ sterilizing cycles consisting of a 10 minute immersion in 12.5+ pH detergent followed by a steam autoclave.

All Hillock Standard Colors are available. Embedded Graphics or laser marking are recommended if printing or marking are required.

Performance Characteristic Performance Anodic Coating
MIL SPEC Commercial
Alkaline Corrosion Resistance
Sterrad Corrosion Resistance*
Autoclave Corrosion Resistance*
Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance
Environmental Corrosion Resistance
Light Fastness
Organic Coating / Adhesive Bonding

*Dyed coatings

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