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Our NADCAP accreditation and extensive knowledge in aerospace anodizing make us a preferred partner for aerospace manufacturers. From critical aircraft components to space exploration equipment, we provide robust anodizing solutions that meet stringent industry requirements. Our expertise in anodizing extends to cutting-edge technologies, and our reputation for excellence has earned us the privilege of anodizing components for NASA’s prestigious HREP (High-Rate Electronic Propulsion) program.

Aerospace Components that are anodized, plated or chemically processed:

  • Aircraft Extrusions:Anodized coatings are applied to aircraft extrusions to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and facilitate bonding with adhesives.
  • Aerospace Components:Various aerospace components like brackets, hinges, and panels undergo anodizing to enhance their durability and protect against environmental factors.
  • Engine Components:Engine parts, including housings, covers, and turbine blades, are anodized to provide protection against high temperatures and corrosive elements encountered in the engine environment.
  • Landing Gear Components:Anodizing is used on landing gear components to increase wear resistance and protect against damage caused by abrasion.
  • Aerospace Interior Components:Anodizing is employed on interior components, like seat frames and interior panels, to enhance their appearance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.
  • Avionics Enclosures:Enclosures for avionics equipment are anodized to protect sensitive electronic components from environmental factors and provide electrical insulation.
  • Helicopter Components:Anodizing is applied to helicopter parts, such as rotor blades and airframe components, to improve their durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Satellite Components:Components used in satellites, such as antenna housings and structural parts, undergo anodizing to ensure their longevity in the harsh space environment.

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Hillock Anodizing, Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of all products and services and is determined to remain the quality leader in Hillock Anodizing, Inc’s field of expertise. Commitment to the goals of continuous improvement, customer-driven service, product quality, and employee involvement is of the utmost importance.