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HC 43A

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HC 43A - Self lubricating, anti-galling hard anodize process.

Revolutionary hard anodizing process with organic molecules electrolytically deposited into the aluminum oxide matrix. This synergistic coating is as smooth as type II sulfuric acid anodizing but as abrasion resistance as conventional type III hardcoat.

The organic molecules deposited into anodic coating matrix offer re-lubricating properties during the life of the component, a performance characteristic not available by conventional hardcoat processes sealed with ptfe.

HC 43A is the best option for anti-galling, minimizing stick-slip and limiting anodic coating crazing. It is commonly sealed with PTFE and is Hillock Anodizing’s preferred process to meet the requirements of AMS 2482.

The HC 43A anodic coating is self ordered and not as dark as conventional hard anodizing. As a result, it can successfully be dyed vibrant colors not normally possible with conventional hard anodizing.

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