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STERI-X - Anodize process with excellent resistance to breakdown in extreme alkaline solutions.

ULTRA PURE ANODIC COATING PROCESS that uses industry leading anodizing techniques, controls and raw materials to yield a self-ordered aluminum oxide coating capable of withstanding extreme corrosive environments. PERMANCE ANODIC COATING SYSTEM ALLOWS FOR ADVANCED PORE CLOSURE Anodizing is an exothermic process and heat generated at the base of the coating ensuing in soft layers and irregular pores. Steri-X® uses a proprietary chemical solution and complex electric waveform to dissipate heat and impurities from the pores, leading to a denser oxide with a self-ordered arrangement. The resulting coating contains less impurities.

Performance Characteristic Performance Anodic Coating
MIL SPEC Commercial
Alkaline Corrosion Resistance
Sterrad Corrosion Resistance*
Autoclave Corrosion Resistance*
Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance
Environmental Corrosion Resistance
Light Fastness
Organic Coating / Adhesive Bonding

*Dyed coatings

Quality Service for Engineered Performance Coatings.

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