Quality Systems

Hillock Anodizing, Inc.’s Quality Management System is designed to and operates within the requirements of ISO9000-2008 / AS9100A / AC7108 / AC7004 and applicable customer quality specifications.

Hillock is certified through NADCAP to AC7108 for Chemical Processing and to AC7004 for the company’s Quality System. Certifications are available upon request.

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Prime Contractor Approvals

L3 Harris
General Dynamics
Augusta Westland
Hamilton Sundstrand
DePuy Synthes
Rockwell Collins
BAE Systems

Process Control

Thickness and Final Size Conformance

  • Isoscopes (6)
  • Micrometers (0-1”, 1-2”,2-3”)
  • Gage Blocks
  • Calipers
  • Bore Micrometers
  • Pin Gages

Solution Analysis Equipment

  • pH meters
  • Conductivity Meters
  • Flame Atomic Absorption System
  • Fluorometer with ion selective probe
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Acid/Base Titration stations
  • In House laboratories (two locations)
  • Calibration standards

Process Analytical Tools

  • Validation – IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Gage R&R
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Control Plans
  • Standardized Work Instructions
  • Root Cause Analysis

Color Conformance

  • Spectrophotometer (dye solution concentration)
  • Handheld portable Spectrophotometer (final color inspection)
  • In-house color standards
  • Pilot Line

Coating Quality Testing

  • Salt Spray Corrosion Testing (ASTM B117)
  • Taber Abrasion Testing (ASTM D4060)
  • Coefficient of Friction Testing (ASTM D1894)
  • Weight Loss for Coating Density (ASTM B137)
  • Anodic Coating Stain Resistance Test (ASTM B136)
  • Tape Adhesion Testing (dry and wet)
  • Alkaline Resistance Test per automotive standards
  • Water Immersion Corrosion Testing

Chemical Process Control System

  • Automatic chemical dosing systems
  • Automatic rinse water quality controller
  • Automatic filter monitoring system
  • Automatic anodizing rectifier controller w/ advanced current and voltage control capability
  • Amp hour controller for anodizing rectifiers
  • Automatic temperature controllers
  • Solution Contamination monitoring
  • Deionized water quality monitoring system
  • Truechem lab analysis software
  • Calibration System IAW AC7108 and AC7004
  • Truechem lab analysis software

Customer Service

We take great pride in our punctual delivery time, ensuring that our customers receive their orders right on schedule. We understand the importance of timely deliveries in meeting your project deadlines and business requirements. Our dedicated customer service team works tirelessly to ensure prompt responses to your queries and concerns, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless experience throughout the order process. We believe that efficient communication and a commitment to excellence are key to delivering exceptional customer service. Count on us to go the extra mile to meet your expectations and deliver your products when and where you need them. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always here to assist you in any way we can.

Our Certifications

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Nadcap accreditation is an industry driven program where highly qualified individuals, having experience in the aerospace industry conduct the actual process audits, using criteria specific to an actual process.

National Association For Surface Finishing

NASF represents the interests of businesses, technologists and professionals in the surface coatings industry. NASF’s mission to advance an environmentally and economically sustainable future for the finishing industry.

IHAA Approval

The International Hard Anodizing Association is an organization of companies engaged in the production of hard anodized finishes on aluminum components, either for customers or for their own products.

Quality Service for Engineered Performance Coatings.

Hillock Anodizing, Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of all products and services and is determined to remain the quality leader in Hillock Anodizing, Inc’s field of expertise. Commitment to the goals of continuous improvement, customer-driven service, product quality, and employee involvement is of the utmost importance.