Mechanical Finishing


Mechanical Finishing


Work-pieces which are shot-blasted and then subsequently anodized pose great problems in many cases: Very common are a spotted appearance, a surface which is difficult to clean and an unpleasant feel to the surface.

We process exclusively aluminum in our cabinets so no foreign material can impregnate the surface of the soft aluminum. The quality of the shot is continually monitored and wide-jet high-performance nozzles ensure an absolutely homogenous surface appearance.

Our standard processes include two media types (glass bead media and aluminum oxide) and three sizes (fine, medium,

Vibratory Tumble

Vibratory tumbling is a surface finishing process used to deburr, smooth, clean, and polish various types of metal and non-metal parts. The parts to be finished are loaded into the vibratory tumbler along with the appropriate abrasive media, water, detergents and inhibitors. The media can be ceramic, plastic, or other types, depending on the desired finish and the material of the parts. The vibratory tumbler uses vibration and rotation to move the parts and media in a swirling motion. This action causes the media to come into contact with the parts, creating a rubbing and grinding effect. As the parts and media move and interact, the abrasive action of the media on the parts removes burrs, sharp edges, and surface imperfections. The process also helps to create a smoother and more uniform surface finish on the parts. The vibratory tumbling process is particularly effective for deburring, which is the removal of sharp edges or unwanted material from the parts. It can also help in cleaning the parts by removing dirt, oils, and contaminants. Depending on the type of media used and the desired finish, vibratory tumbling can also provide a polishing effect, resulting in a shiny and smooth surface on the parts.

We run only aluminum in our machines as this eliminates the chance of foreign material getting impregnated into the surface of the soft aluminum. In addition, our chemistry is optimized for aluminum alloys to ensure a superior surface finish and eliminate the potential for corrosion.

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