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Our experience with engineering processes specific to customer performance requirements has had positive effects on our standard operating procedures. Many of the controls and methods that were necessary for the extreme demands were incorporated into our standard processes. These technologies that may be unknown to our market competitors are standard with us and allow for successful processing of difficult materials without the risk of common processing failures.

  • Blister free 7050 and 7075 hard anodizing
  • Burn free hard anodizing 2024 and other 2000 Series Alloys
  • Salvage hardcoat
  • Passivation processes compatible with 400 Series and free machining stainless steel alloys
  • Exceptional adhesion of electroless nickel coating to Invar
  • Optimized cleaning cycles specific to each alloy and surface condition
  • Consistent Gold Chromate Conversion Coating color

Quality Service for Engineered Performance Coatings.

Hillock Anodizing, Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of all products and services and is determined to remain the quality leader in Hillock Anodizing, Inc’s field of expertise. Commitment to the goals of continuous improvement, customer-driven service, product quality, and employee involvement is of the utmost importance.