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In the industrial, manufacturing, oil, gas, and agricultural industries, numerous components and parts undergo surface treatments like anodizing, hard anodizing, chromating, Electroless nickel plating, and passivation to enhance their performance, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. Here is an extended list of components commonly subjected to these surface treatments:

Semi-Conductor Components that are anodized, plated or chemically processed:

  • Pumps and Pump Components:Anodizing: Pump housings, impellers, and shafts for corrosion resistance and wear protection.
    Hard Anodizing: Pump wear rings and high-stress components for enhanced surface hardness.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Pump internals, including gears and bearings, for wear resistance.
  • Valves and Valve Components:Anodizing: Valve bodies, stems, and actuators for corrosion protection and improved wear resistance.
    Chromating: Valve ball, seat, and plug surfaces for enhanced corrosion resistance.
    Passivation: Stainless steel valve components for improved corrosion protection.
  • Motors and Motor Housings:Anodizing: Motor housings and heat sinks for improved thermal dissipation and corrosion resistance.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Motor shafts and armature assemblies for wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders and Components:Anodizing: Hydraulic cylinder bodies, pistons, and rods for corrosion and wear protection.
    Hard Anodizing: High-pressure hydraulic components, like cylinder heads and manifolds, for improved hardness.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Hydraulic valve bodies and fittings for wear resistance.
  • Pistons and Piston Rings:Anodizing: Piston surfaces for wear resistance and protection against chemicals and temperature fluctuations.
    Hard Anodizing: High-performance racing pistons for enhanced hardness and wear resistance.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Piston rings for smoother surfaces and reduced friction.
  • Agricultural Equipment Components:Anodizing: Agricultural machinery parts, including seeding equipment and sprayers, for corrosion protection.
    Chromating: Agricultural machine components for improved corrosion resistance.
    Passivation: Stainless steel agricultural parts for enhanced corrosion protection.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Components:Anodizing: Oil and gas equipment parts, such as wellhead components and drilling tools, for corrosion resistance.
    Hard Anodizing: High-pressure pump parts used in oil and gas applications for improved hardness.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Oil and gas valve bodies, stems, and seals for wear resistance.
  • Marine Equipment Components:Anodizing: Marine hardware, propellers, and marine engine components for corrosion and saltwater resistance.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Marine valves and fittings for wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Mining Machinery Components:Anodizing: Mining equipment parts, such as conveyor systems and crushers, for corrosion protection.
    Hard Anodizing: High-stress components in mining machinery for improved hardness and durability.
    Electroless Nickel Plating: Mining pump and valve components for wear resistance.

These examples demonstrate the widespread application of surface treatments in various industries, ensuring the reliability and longevity of crucial components in demanding and challenging environments. Proper surface treatment selection helps industries optimize equipment performance, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of their machinery.