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Steridize - Anodize process with extreme corrosion resistance and organic dye light fastness enhancing properties.

The original Performance Anodic Coating developed by Hillock Anodizing for the medical industry. Steridize has since been found to be effective for any application where anodized aluminum components are exposed to extremely corrosive environments and the conventional sulfuric acid anodizing breaks down.

Steridize was the first process developed by Hillock Anodizing that used complex pulsing rectifier program coupled with special electrolytes to create a self ordered pore structure that was easier to impregnate and hydrothermally seal than conventional type II anodizing (called the Advanced Pore Closure Anodize System). The Steridize process runs at higher than normal current densities without the risk of burning so the resultant coating is more dense than coatings produced by standard sulfuric acid anodize processes. In addition to excellent corrosion resistance, Steridize maximizes light fastness properties of organic dyes.

The Steridize process cost is comparable to conventional sulfuric acid anodizing and is Hillock Anodizing’s preferred anodizing process for applications where higher levels of corrosion resistance and coating durability are needed compared to mil spec type II anodizing.

Performance Characteristic Performance Anodic Coating
MIL SPEC Commercial
Alkaline Corrosion Resistance
Sterrad Corrosion Resistance*
Autoclave Corrosion Resistance*
Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance
Environmental Corrosion Resistance
Light Fastness
Organic Coating / Adhesive Bonding

*Dyed coatings

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