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Hardcoat HC 55 & HC 43A – Dyed Hardcoat Color Consistency

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Hardcoat HC 55 & HC 43A - Dyed Hardcoat Color Consistency

Color Matching dyed hard anodizing is typically thought to be impossible due to the natural color of the coating changing with thickness, varying anodizing process parameters and variables outside the control of the anodizer (i.e. alloying metal distribution, grain structure, material defects, tempering variation, mechanical finishing consistency, extrusion defects).

Hillock Anodizing has been able to offer consistent color matching for fire arm manufacturers by addressing these issues through pre-treatment, anodizing and dye control. Between our two anodizing facilities we have 14 different cleaners and etches that are used to maximize the amount of aluminum at the surface and remove unwanted impurities. The flexibility with pre-treatment recipes ensure customers parts are optimally cleaned for the anodizing process and also to match mating components.

The anodizing controller ensures the set values are maintained and the % deviation and ripple are minimized. The actual anodizing recipes were developed from years of SPC. These recipes allow for consistent porosity and thickness which in turn allows for consistency of dying. The dyes are controlled using a spectrophometer and adjusted daily to ensure the concentration does not change.

Pre-treatment flexibility, anodize coating control and dye consistency is what allows us to match color batch to batch and ensure materials with inherent metal differences are still within the acceptable color range.

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