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Hard Anodizing to final size and 2024 Alloy

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Hard Anodizing to final size and 2024 Alloy

The ability to do minimize burning on 2000 series aluminum and offer a guarantee on final dimensions is what separates a commercial hard anodizer from an expert hard anodizer.

Hillock Anodizing has the ability to perform non-destructive coating thickness inspection using an isoscope and micrometer. A customer who manufactures motors for Medical OEM requested we hard anodize their 2024 housings with .0020” coating thickness AND ensure their parts met the final size requirements. The final tolerance was .0007” and the machine shop used .0003”, leaving us with .0004”. This presented three risks because if the coating varied more than +/-.0002” some parts would be out of tolerance and if burning occurred not only would there be loss of product but also the coating thickness would vary amongst the rest of the load. Hillock Anodizing was able to mitigate these risks by using a custom rack and utilizing the proprietary 2024 hard anodizing recipe. This recipe utilizes periodic rest periods along with the proprietary acid bath allowed for coating thickness consistency and the parts to be in tolerance after anodizing.

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