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Etch Guard 400

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Etch Guard 400 - Etch free passivation process on 400 series stainless steel.

416 and 440C stainless steel are often times etched when immersed in the passivation bath. Most finishers will opt to passivate in citric with these materials but some aerospace specifications require nitric acid. Hillock Anodizing has developed a passivation process for these types of etching prone alloys to eliminate the risk with etching.

One of the largest medical OEM’s in the country approached us to passivate their drill gears. The material was 440C and other finishers failed to passivate the parts without etching the surface. Using our Etch Guard 400 process not only were the parts successfully passivated in nitric acid they passed the 24 hour Water Immersion Test per AMS 2700.

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