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Anodize Black Dye Optical Property Engineering

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Anodize Black Dye Optical Property Engineering

Hillock Anodizing has extensive knowledge of dying anodic coatings and the properties of the dyes. We have over 25 dye tanks between both buildings, five of which are black dyes with differing undertones. The reason for having multiple black dyes is that not all black dyes are suitable for the final application.

We were approached by a medical OEM with the requirement for a hardcoat black anodize coating with the most optical contrast against a laser marked white barcode. The contrast value was critical to the machine operating correctly because two little contrast would cause the machine to improperly position itself. Considering the machine was used in surgery incorrect position was not an option. Hillock Anodizing developed a black dye and anodize process that created the greatest contrast in addition to consistency in laser marking.

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